This page is designed for patients with the BMC PAP device. The device has a free app associated with it that allows you to see and share your PAP results with us to ensure that we can provide you with the best therapy and support as quickly as possible. 

    The details below detail how to access the app and upload your data (please note, that you will need to be connected to the internet either by WiFi or mobile data). 

    1. Download the free app named 'PAP Link' from the App Store or Google Play to your smart device 

    BMC App


    2. The next steps detail setting up your PAP Link Account.

    Select 'My Page' and then select 'Not Logged In'.



    3. Select 'Register' to create your account



    4. Select your region (United Kingdom), enter your email and select 'Send Verify Code'. 

    This is a six-digit code and will be emailed to you. You then have 30 minutes to enter it into the 'Verify Code Box'. When you have entered the code, select 'Next'. 




    5. You will now be able to set your username and password. The password is a maximum of 16 characters and can only contain letters and numbers. 

    6. Select 'Next' 


    7. You can now enter your personal details. (This is not mandatory and can be skipped if preferred). Select 'Complete' to finalise your registration. 



    8. Enter your registered email address and password, then select 'Login'.


    You will be taken to 'My Page' 



    At Dolby Vivisol, we want to provide the best therapy support possible. 

    The following information highlights how to get your results using the PAP Link app and how to share them with us.


    9. Set the email addresses where the results will be sent. 

    You can add up to three email addresses. Please, ensure that one of them is our email address which is:

    • Select My Page
    • Select Set Email Addresses 
    • Select Add 
    • Type in our email address 


    The next steps create the report and you will use the app together with your CPAP device

    10. On your CPAP device, click the on/off button three times


    A QR code will appear on the device screen that looks similar to the following



    11. Open the PAP Link app on your smart phone (or smart device) and select iCode QR & iCode QR+  



    Your smartphone will begin to scan for the QR code.


    12. Centre the QR Code shown on your CPAP device within the square on your smartphone



    When the scan is completed, the data and CPAP serial number will automatically appear on your smartphone screen. 



    This data will also automatically be emailed to the email addresses you added during the app setup. 


    If you need any additional information, please contact us on 0800 121 4012. 


    Thank you. 

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